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Formulated Specifically for the Medical and Dental Community


Relief Cream

"TRC™ has been consistently effective in relieving facial and cervical muscle pain in my patients suffering from acute and chronic craniofacial pain. It is surprising how quickly it works."

Dr. Steven Olmos
TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre International Founder & CEO

"TRC™ is the best CBD topical cream I have used. There are a lot of options in the CBD market today. TRC™ brings a new level to the industry in quality and potency."

Dr. Jason Nardi
Clinical Director – Valley Chiropractic Clinic

"TRC™ is a terrific alternative to manage discomfort without the use of Pharmacology"

Robert Marus, DDS

"TRC™ has been a great enhancement to my practice. Thank you for creating a safe and effective product for my patients."

Dr. Gloria Arroyo-Grubbs

"TRC™ provides a solution to reduce NSAIDs to my patients. This is important to me as a biologic dentist."

Dr. Joita Ghosh

"It offers tremendous benefits with no unwanted side effects"

"Patients will love you when you get them out of pain... and that is invaluable to a practice"

Sonia Hariri, DDS

"This is an effective, minimally invasive and affordable treatment adjunct."

Elizabeth Turner, DMD

EXCITING NEWS: We have just been voted one of the top 5 homecare dental products of 2021 by Dental Products Report

Our award-winning odorless formulation has consistently been used by doctors in effective relief of acute muscular, joint and inflammatory discomfort.

Our doctors are using TRC™ to help with:


Temporomandibular joint and muscle disorders


Acute muscular pain


Helps relieve arthritic infammation


Neck and Shoulder discomfort


Back discomfort (muscular)


Atopic Dermatitis

Until this point in time, the only ways to treat these discomforts associated with these conditions were over the counter pain medications, ice packs, acupuncture, Laser therapy and massage.

Introducing our highly effective, doctor-tested, medical-strength CBD solution

The Time Has Come to Reduce the Amount of Pharmacology Our Patients Consume

Join the hundreds doctors that have reconsidered how they approach pain management for their patients. With an onset time of 5 minutes, you will be able to provide relief while your patients are in your office.
We stand behind our product and are confident that your patients will agree. TRC™ is the new alternative to manage pain in your office.

A Groundbreaking solution
to a very real and uncomfortable issue

750mg of independently verified CBD that provides quick, temporary discomfort relief. Our primary goal is to reduce the amount of pharmacology prescribed to patients.

Quick Acting & Long Lasting

Professional Strength

Tested By Doctors, for Doctors

Third Party Analyzed

Webinar with Dr. Kathleen Carson

Watch this presentation on adding CBD to your treatment arsenal and the benefits of offering it to your patients.

We’ll Help You Provide Relief to Your Patients

Provide your patients with an effective and innovative solution to discomfort and inflammation. Use TRC™ in the office during procedures or sell to patients needing at-home treatment. Join the revolution and capture this new market segment of medically prescribed CBD!

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Contact Us For More Information