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TRC™ 3-Tube Intro Pack

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TRC 3-Tube Intro Pack

3 Tubes

Interested in trying TRC™ on yourself and your staff before you order a 10 patient kit?   Order our Intro pack and find out why TRC™ was just voted Top 5 Homecare products of 2021 by Dental Product Report.

Intro Pack contains:

  • 3 tubes of TRC™ (750mg)
  • Available for purchase by Hygienists
  • 3 IFU
  • 3 patient information brochures


Kathleen Carson, DDS

Testimonial from a Highly-Esteemed Dental Professional

“Adding in the use of CBD to my dental practice has been a complete game changer. As an adjunct or sometimes stand-alone treatment, it offers tremendous benefits with no unwanted side effects. It is one of the missing links to overall patient care.”