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Robert Marus, DDS

"A tremendous asset"

TRC™ “…exceeded my expectations” and when given to apply, he says “95% [of patients] had substantial relief.”

Dr. Jason Nardi

"I'm thoroughly impressed"

After 6 months of using TRC™ on both day-to-day chiropractic needs as well as chronic issues and pre-/post-operative cases, this doctor and his patients are thrilled with the results.

Brandi Hooker Evans, RDH-ER, MHE, MAADH

"Give TRC™ a try"

“The opioid epidemic has got to go. As dental professionals, we can and should make a difference. Give TRC™ a try and let’s keep working on a brighter future for our communities.”

Patient: Rosie

"The cream just helps SO MUCH"

When it comes to using TRC™, “this works and I’m really happy about it!”

Patient: Brian

"I don't wake up with pain in the morning anymore."

By applying TRC™ Cream first thing in the morning, Brian experiences the fast-acting, long-lasting effects to ease his discomfort.

Patient: Kimberly

"I don't have to rely on taking daily pain medication anymore and there are no side effects"

Patient: Gabrielle

"The relief for me was almost immediate...it was like a godsend."

Patient: Chris

"I've suffered...for many years. Nothing has really worked to relieve the pain. But within 15 minutes of using TRC™, I felt significant relief. Then I used it on my knees which were also sore, and it worked there too! This stuff is amazing."

What Hygienists Are Saying...

Kathleen Carson, DDS

Testimonial from a Highly-Esteemed Dental Professional

“Adding in the use of CBD to my dental practice has been a complete game changer. As an adjunct or sometimes stand-alone treatment, it offers tremendous benefits with no unwanted side effects. It is one of the missing links to overall patient care.”

Dr. Steven Olmos

"TRC™ has been consistently effective in relieving facial and cervical muscle pain in my patients suffering from acute and chronic craniofacial pain. It is surprising how quickly it works."

Dr. Jason Nardi

“The majority of my patients are in my office for their pain, TRC™ has been a game-changer as my clinical CBD topical. I have been using TRC™ to reduce the pain from cervicogenic headaches and migraines, general sprain/strain injuries, and even neurogenic pain, like tarsal tunnel syndrome. My patients as just as impressed as I am! Most of the time, when a patient receives TRC™ as part of their treatment, they usually buy a tube to take home – even the patients that tell me they’ve used CBDs before and they didn’t work.”

Elizabeth Turner, DMD

"TRC™ has been an enormous addition to my practice. From the hygiene patient who is just beginning to note discomfort to those who are in active TMD therapy, this is an effective, minimally invasive, and affordable treatment adjunct. It has really changed my thoughts on the endocannabinoid system and how we can safely treat pain."

Dr. Gloria Arroyo-Grubbs

"TRC™ has been a great enhancement to my practice. Thank you for creating a safe and effective product for my patients."

Sonia Hariri, DDS

"Patients will love you when you get them out of pain... and that is invaluable to a practice"

Dr. Joita Ghosh

"TRC™ provides a solution to reduce NSAIDs to my patients. This is important to me as a biologic dentist."

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